The Time They Met

This was one of these days when she needed to pour her thoughts on the sheet of paper to calm herself down. That was the day she needed to write not to start crying. She was sitting at the coffee place she got accustomed to during these few years she lived in the city. That [...]


He Is Coming

She looked at the gray sky above her. It was gray. "He is coming," she whispered to herself and put her head down. He always came back when the sky was gray. Every time he came it was raining. She never knew if that was coincidence or he always just prefer that weather. She came [...]

The Black Knight

*Mature content below* He was the knight. He lured himself into the beds of noble women. He seduced them by promising power and the throne of their desires. But after that he always disappeared, vanished like a distant dream that never comes back. "Her Royal Highness Red Queen," announced the boy just recently added to [...]