Prompts of the Month

I always search for new prompts for my stories or for fun.

So, the few best prompts I found during March:

  1. You suddenly find yourself in a world where the properties of fire and water are inverted. Water glows and consumes everything it touches. Fire is harmless, makes up 70% of people’s bodies and when a person dies, it is said that they have been ‘extinguished’. Waterfighters are hunting you.
  2. You are an ancient and unstoppable being, destined to destroy the world when you awaken from your slumber. You overslept. Now you’re rushing to bring about the end times as quickly and as half-assedly as possible before your supervisor notices.
  3. Every year, every 18-year-old takes a mandatory test. Speaking about it is prohibited. Everyone who gets 95% or above gets sent away, and nobody knows where to or why. You sign in to see your mark, and despite completely guessing on every question, you got 96%. There’s a knock at your door.